Vision, mission, core values

Our Vision

We help female drug and penal code offenders to be transformed by the Word of God, in our Ministry of Love.

Our Vision

We aspire to rehabilitate the lives of female substance abusers, prisoners and ex-offenders committed to our residential programme. We provide them with the necessary help and resources to steer them to live addiction/crime free lives to become responsible members in society.


An important component of many of the relationships we have in life, including our relationship with God and with others.


Effective communcation, respect and possitive attitude are keys to successful teamwork.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that honors God and serves others well.


The innermost part of a person, including yout Thoughts, emotions, and intentions. The heart is seen as the Center of a person's identity, character, and moral nature.


Both in our relationships with others and in our relationship with God.

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