“I was once in Prison, and now I am set free…”

Testimony by Carol Wee [Ex-resident/ Volunteer]

I was a former delinquent and drug offender in my teens. I came from a dysfunctional family where my parents left me at a young age. My life was thrown into a downward spiral from there. I experimented with drugs and got lost in a high risk lifestyle. I was searching for an identity and wanted to belong. I met a group of friends who also had some family problems, but were ‘cool’ and fun to be with. Within a couple of months, I sank into the underworld of drugs and vices. Out of curiosity and hunger for acceptance, I experimented with different type of drugs. Together, we immersed ourselves in a world of hallucinations, alcohol and loud music. I was rebellious and out of control. My relatives were concerned and as a last attempt to save me, one of them called the police after finding some Heroin in my bag. I was filled with rage. I felt betrayed. That episode widened the distance between us.

-A still, small voice-

In the confines of the very silent prison cell, I felt a probing in my heart, and began remembering the incidences where someone shared the gospel with me. I knew that Jesus was the answer. I quickly requested for Christian counselling. A female counsellor shared the gospel and led me in a prayer to rededicate my life back to God. At the end of that simple prayer, I felt an indescribable joy came over me. Although I was still trapped physically, something new had begun inside. Looking back, I realise God’s hand was upon my life even though I did not acknowledge Him.

I was transferred to the Turning Point from prison and the programmes were holistic and enriching. It encompassed living from the practical to the spiritual. Along with the encouragement from the staff and the volunteers, Turning Point became a place where I had the chance to restart my life again. The daily routine in communal living gave me a structure to lead a normal life. For me, the greatest gain is to receive an authentic faith that save me from a miserable life and propel me forward to Destiny. Through the up and downs, I learnt to face up to life challenges and do what is right. Staff from The Turning Point also brought me to a local church, Trinity Christian Centre, and I was quickly connected to the Youth Ministry.

The Christian community has been my strongest support in guiding me in my new life journey. God delivered me from the clutches of oppression and drug addiction. He restored my broken relationship with my relatives and loved ones. I slowly allowed God to change me and received His peace and wisdom to face life’s demands. I felt deeply secure knowing that God was with me. Besides finding new friends in the Lord, the leaders and pastors were instrumental in helping me grow in the Lord.

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